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The Black Pearl: A Cold Song oneshot by eldritch-horrors

Eldritch wrote “The Black Pearl” for me based on a very special prompt. I “simply” wanted her John and her Sherlock to revisit Glenn Gould’s version of J. S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations. My second request was violin porn. I was floored and honored when she decided to situate the fic in The Cold Song universe. 

I don’t believe I told her that I’ve studied Gould since 1991 (!) and that I started the first internet community (before the Web!) devoted to discussing his work. II’ve written about him, lectured on him, interviewed his friends, taught him in college seminars, consulted on a CD-ROM game (!) about him (yes I’m that old), helped translate him into Japanese (!) for Sony records, promoted his work for The Glenn Gould Foundation, been interviewed about him by the CBC, The Wall Street Journal (!), the NY Times, (most recently transcribed his radio shows for a French installation artist). I've been obsessed with GG most of my life. 

If you’ve heard of Glenn Gould chances are it’s because of his interpretations of The Goldbergs.

If you follow my blog you know how very obsessed I am with Sherlock. For me The Cold Song series was the gateway drug into this fandom. It is genius. I trusted Eldritch with this prompt made of the brain and heart stuff— the art that I hold most dear.  

I just read The Black Pearl. Read it, please. But read it AFTER you’ve listened a few times to The Goldbergs.

And if anything I can say makes you appreciate it more— know that she understands the Bach inside and out, that she gets Gould on a deep level. That she’s done something extraordinary in this fic. She’s woven in counterpoint Gould, Bach and Johnlock… she did with words what the old dead brilliant white guys did with music. 

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