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I'm mid0nz. This blog explores BBC Sherlock from a 44 year old fangirl's perspective. Sometimes subject matter & the occasional reblog are NSFW. I'm obsessed with cinematography, the 221B set & props, and the soundtrack. Sometimes there are otters.

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-Walt Whitman
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The Most Beautiful Object on the 221B Set

If you follow me, you know how obsessed I am with the binoculars on Sherlock’s desk. I’ve managed to acquire 2 pair— both from Paris. It turns out that they were designed in 1897 by León Bloch who in 1912, with Edmund Bloch, invented “Le Sherlock Holmes,” a stealth camera disguised as a small briefcase!

León Bloch later sold the Mars binoculars by subscription as part of his Viallis package. The lenses of the pliable Mars binos were snapped in place on a box which was a stereoscopic camera, as well as a viewer for both stereoscopic glass slides, and paper cards.

A prestigious London firm, Leuchars & Son sold the French-manufactured Mars binos (called La Jumelle “Mars” in adverts) in the UK. Their storefront was located in Piccadilly until 1902. 

I ADORE the crew of Sherlock! 

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